Sponsor Management Software for Corporate Event Managers

Our software empowers event management teams to manage the most complex in-person and hybrid events. From in-house business conferences to exhibitions to global expos, we’ve got you covered.

The Sponsorworks platform’s rich feature set combined with its flexible configuration enables us to rapidly create a tailored solution to fit even the most specific requirements.

  • Huge time savings via email automation
  • Reduce costs – no more ‘pay per guest’ charges
  • Contactless entry with mobile eticketing
  • Automated evaluation tools drive continuous improvement
  • One central platform for multiple teams

All the features you need to deliver major events

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    Allocation management

    Easily delegate the management of allocations within large events teams while retaining control of the overall picture.

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    Guest management & evaluation

    Automated guest invitations, powerful email designer, easy web registration forms, rapid drag-and-drop seat planning from small tables to whole stadia.

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    Resource availability calendar

    Manage large-scale room & resource bookings for major events – such as expos & exhibitions – using our powerful resource booking calendar.

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    Contactless eticketing & event app

    Offer your own eticketing solution for self-hosted events or integrate with your partners’ existing eticketing systems. Event staff benefit from our intuitive mobile app for rapid admission of guests.

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    Support for hybrid events

    Offer your guests the option of in-person or remote attendance to your event and tailor your communications accordingly for a seamless guest experience.

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    Post-event reporting & evaluation

    Maximise the quality of your evaluation data using our automated survey tools and instantly access key MI data with our in-depth reporting suite and personalised dashboards.

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Putting you in control

  • Complete admin control

    Sponsorworks is the only customisable cloud platform that puts your admin team in complete control. Every single feature, template and page can be managed without any technical knowledge.

  • Optimised for mobile & tablet

    Available in all modern browsers, we offer a beautiful user experience from the largest desktops to the latest smartphones. We also offer event apps for both iOS and Android.

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Our platform has been designed with your information security at the forefront. It is hosted in the world’s most secure data centres and is regularly tested by industry-accredited security consultants for your peace of mind.

  • Data protection built-in

    With strict data protection regulations in place, we appreciate that keeping on top of them can be a burden. With our software, however, you simply configure your automated retention and deletion policies and let the system do the rest.

  • Multi-lingual support

    Our interface is available in local languages to support your global audiences.

  • Upgrades & customisation

    With our software-as-a-service platform, customers benefit from regular upgrades at no additional cost, while knowing it is flexible and can be tailored to specific business needs using our custom coding team.

Getting you up & running

Sponsorworks is a customisable cloud platform. This means you get all the functionality your business needs without the need for expensive and time-consuming customisations and testing.

  • Kick-off workshop
  • Test site set-up
    & customisation
  • Data import
  • Training
    & testing
  • Launch

Having a ready-to-go platform means we can move fast.
We can have you up and running in as little as 2 weeks if time is tight
(or a little longer if you need something tailored).

With over 10 years of market leadership, our experts are ready to help. Schedule a quick chat or an in-depth 30 minute demo today.

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