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Making sure tickets and hospitality go to the right people can be a major headache for businesses. Spreadsheets are not up to the job and teams get caught in a deluge of endless emails.

Sponsorworks automates the entire process, reducing manual workloads by up to 95% to free up your team’s valuable staff time.

Whether it’s hospitality that is part of your sponsorships, tickets your company has purchased or even tickets to your own business conference, you can manage it all in one place with Sponsorworks.

Huge time savings

Our customer research shows customers save up to 15 minutes of staff time over the lifecycle of each ticket request using our platform’s intelligent automation. This equates to over 3 months of staff time saved for every 1,000 business requests handled.


Imagine what your business could do with that kind of saving?

Do you offer a trial or demo version of the software?

As our software is extremely customisable and tailored for each customer based on business need, we aren’t able to trial periods. However, we’re more than happy to create a customised demo. All that’s required is an initial call to understand your needs, followed by a 30 minute demonstration.

How much does a complete solution cost?

Our pricing model is straightforward and based on the number of tickets/guests managed annually, the modules of functionality you need and the territories in which you operate. We aim to eliminate any surprise costs or high ongoing maintenance fees, so your costs will be fixed for the contract period.

Is the ticketing and hospitality software easy to use?

We’re proud that our clients find our platform user-friendly compared to similar systems. We regularly ask our users to rate its ease of use, and the recent average score is 9.6 out of 10. Additionally, we offer an ever-expanding library of support content to help users accomplish any task quickly.

How long does it take to get set up? Can you migrate our existing data?

Our system is designed for rapid deployment and is the only 100% self-service platform in the market. There’s no need for lengthy testing periods, technical talk or waiting for developers. You can manage everything via the admin interface, from features to content to data to branding. We can have you up and running in as little as 48 hours. Normal implementations usually take between 4-6 weeks, allowing for your internal approval processes.

Do you provide training and implementation services?

Absolutely. We don’t just provide the technology; our Customer Success team will guide you throughout the entire process. With two decades of experience in ticketing, hospitality, and guest management systems, we offer not just implementation but also best-practice advice to optimise your workflows for maximum effectiveness and minimal pre-event stress.

Can we brand the software with our corporate identity?

Sure, our platform is the market’s only fully white-label and self-service solution. Consider it a custom-branded internal marketing tool for your customer entertainment opportunities, as well as a robust operational and automation platform.

Is the software GDPR compliant? Are you ISO27001 certified?

Data protection is a top priority for us. We will assist you with a GPDR compliant set-up and advise on compliance content. Additionally, we are ISO27001 certified, the global standard for information security. This ensures the safety of your confidential and sensitive guest data. Our hosting is provided by Microsoft Azure, which meets the highest industry security standards.

Where is data hosted?

Data is hosted in the UK and in the EU and not transferred outside the region, unless requested. For global customers, we can also accommodate hosting in your local region’s data centre, as required.

Can it integrate with CRM systems such as Salesforce?

Yes, our API allows for seamless integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) systems, CRM platforms, and payment gateways. By integrating with CRMs like Salesforce, you can merge your event data with your first-party business data (such as customer revenue) to provide a comprehensive view of your commercial return.

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