Corporate Ticket & Hospitality Management

Making sure tickets and hospitality go to the right people can be a major headache for businesses. Spreadsheets are not up to the job and teams get caught in a deluge of endless emails.

Sponsorworks automates the entire process, which means you can ditch those cumbersome spreadsheets and multiple systems to free up your team’s valuable staff time.

Whether it’s hospitality that is part of your sponsorships, tickets you’ve purchased or even invitations to a conference you are running in-house, you can manage it all in one place with Sponsorworks.

Huge time savings

Our research has shown that our customers save up to 15 minutes of staff time over the lifecycle of each hospitality request using our platform’s intelligent automation. This equates to over 3 months of staff time saved for every 1,000 requests handled.


Imagine what your business could do with that kind of saving?

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